Welcome, home to Bill Steiner’s view of the world. This website exists:

  • To display pictures of my favorite places in the world, particularly Italy photographs where my wife and I take people on Adventures In Italy,
  • To express how the world strikes me via pictures, and my visceral response via the blog, and
  • As a place for those who travel with us to Orvieto, Italy to see photographs of their experience.

BeaufortWaterfront.JPGOrvCityscape2012-09-12-03-20-DSCF1194.JPGBrasstown.JPGOrvietoBldgDetail2012-09-09-44-06-Orvieto BldgDetail2012-09-09-44-06-DSCF1079.JPGDecayingHouse.JPGOrvieto BldgDetail2012-09-07-41-48-DSCF1065.JPGOrvietoBldgDetail2010-06-04-26-06.JPGOrvietoBldgDetail2012-05-27-38-52.JPGUmbrian Mist.JPG